What We Do

Unconscious attitudes, also known as implicit biases, are ubiquitous and their effects are wide-ranging. Although unconscious, these biases affect our understanding, actions and decisions. From something as seemingly insignificant as the clutching of a purse in response to a passerby, to something of potential great consequence such as the lack of a surgical referral, the fingerprints of implicit bias are on many of the decisions we make. Leaning in to difficult conversations, Unlocking Implicit Bias delivers engaging, insight-enhancing, and practical workshops about implicit bias and its effect on society.

We approach this difficult topic in a very straightforward, compassionate and empathic, yet, entertaining manner. Our workshops, presented over 50 times to date, weave humor with poignant stories and personal experience into rich experiential sessions. By facilitating refreshing and productive large and small group activities, we begin to peel away the feelings of shame and guilt that many people associate with implicit bias. Approaching these issues through a more positive lens allows for a more candid and constructive forum. Ultimately, a discussion on methods to combat implicit bias provides participants with skills to take to their institutions and have an immediate impact on equity.

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Who We Serve


The disparities in healthcare are significant, and while socioeconomics and access account for a portion of these gaps, implicit bias is a major contributing factor. Let us help you deliver more equitable care.


Affecting hiring practices, equity in leadership representation, and relationships with clients, leaning into discussions about implicit bias are good for organizational health-and also, the bottom line.


From K-12 to undergraduate and post graduate, implicit bias impacts how we teach and treat our students. Increasing awareness can help bring out the best in our teachers, for our students.


As with other industries, implicit bias impacts the non-profit sector. Affecting board priorities, organizational membership and the constituents you serve, this is an important discussion for any organization.

Notable Clients


  • Mayo Clinic
  • American College of Physicians
  • Ascension Health
  • American College of OB/GYN


  • Spirit Aerosystems
  • University of Oklahoma-Tulsa


  • Bishop Kelley High School
  • Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France
  • Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Tulsa Public Schools


  • American Heart Association
  • George Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Take Control Initiative
  • Volunteers of America

What You’ll Get

Whether introductory or comprehensive, in-person or virtual, we can work with you to develop a program that suits your organizational needs and budget.

  • Customized
  • Engaging
  • Morale-Building
  • Change-provoking

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Highly Recommend

“The Workshop opened my eyes to how we all harbor implicit biases–regardless of our education, politics or religion. This seminar is well worth the time for any learners. The resulting discussions are very eye opening and affirming. Highly recommended.”

John Schumann, MD

President, OU-Tulsa

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Highly Recommend

“We all have implicit biases. This workshop helps to understand this deep topic in a light-hearted way, allowing acknowledgment to be the first step. I highly recommend this workshop be incorporated into diversity training at any organization.”

Monica Basu

Senior Program Manager George Kaiser Foundation

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great starting Point

“The workshop brings perspective that few of us have taken the time to reflect on. Our inherent biases affect the care we provide. We must educate ourselves to provide better care with eyes wide open. It is a great starting point in the journey to better patient care.”

Scott Shepherd, DO

Director of Hospital Medicine Ascension St. John

Leaning In